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Whitehall Road, Gomersal, Cleckheaton

This job involved demolishing an existing bungalow and building a replacement but with lower ground floor at rear.

We have managed to source practically identical stone to build the new bungalow, incorporating the old stone with the new to create a new house looking very similar with the old one but with the latest tech.

The door feature photo shows the care and attention to detail. The existing glass, which has sentimental value to the householder, has been encapsulated to preserve it and fitted into a new energy efficient door.

Whitehall Road Gomersal Front

Below is a photograph of the original building:

Whitehall Road Gomersal original house

Whitehall Road Gomersal footings

Whitehall Road Gomersal side

Whitehall Road Gomersal door  feature

Whitehall Road Gomersal rear

Whitehall Road Gomersal front  2