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Many people are daunted by the idea of building your new house, the reality is really thinking things through, working closely with the builder, great communication and realising that things can go wrong, being flexible and tolerant will help. Some ideas don’t often work, as we say, design over substance, but there is always a way to create something fantastic. Its never too early to think about kitchens, bathrooms, tiles, flooring and where electric sockets and lights would go.

In our case, Graham was the builder and I was a bit like the customer.

We’re both mad about houses so we both had ideas which we tried to blend together. I cannot deny that this caused arguments, but by talking about things we got there. Graham loves straight lines, I'm more curved, so after a lot of give and take we produced our ‘dream home’ We spent many hours ‘walking around’ our house as walls were built. We did this so that slight adjustments could be made which didn’t cause too many issues, and I could start to get an idea where furniture would fit and how I imagined we would live in the house.

At the very beginning, when plans were being drawn up, we noted things that worked for us at home and tried to include this in the sketch the Architect first made. By using the house we already had, it give me perspective of what we would have in the new house. We also visited lots of show homes to see what the latest offerings were and adapted things to suit us. Measuring different sized rooms and noting those measurements we could refer back to them when deciding on the design of the house. By being involved at every stage problems were sorted quickly.

So here is the finished produce and I have to say, I wouldn’t change a thing!

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